Sorry for the absence.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I guess I just haven’t really been inspired to write. But hopefully, I’ll be back at it in the next week or so!


New Moon Spread. 🌑

New Moon Spread.

This is a time for intention setting. 

Where am I now?

Where am I moving towards?

What can I do to move towards manifesting my intention?

Intention – The Hierophant (a guiding authority)


The Hierophant represents authority outside traditional structures. Often this means exploring esoteric and spiritual practice and wisdom or alternative lifestyle choices or simply actively choosing to disengage from some of the strong beliefs that have been holding you captured within your life and self. Perhaps following mainstream guidelines has left you feeling empty and unsatisfied and you are sensing an emerging interest or energy within you that you are desiring to harness and understand. You are seeking deeper insight and confirmation, calling you to reach out to a mentor or role model who has walked and is living the path you are considering.You are ready to expand your personal knowledge and undertake what you are coming to believe is a more authentic path and true aspect of your soul. The Hierophant is a mentor, guiding authority, shaman or philosopher who provides support, allowing you to deepen your practice and existence. This card may come to you at a time when you are ready to expand your knowledge in a particular are or step out to live a more aligned life. It is important you do not limit yourself – stay open to new ideas and principles; you never know how they will support you on your venture forward. A beautiful time to explore alchemy, ceremonies, rituals, rites of passage, and new learnings through workshops.

Where am I now? – Two of Swords (decisions to make)


This is a card of choice. There are decisions to be made and you may be feeling torn as to which direction to take. Avoiding the situation only creates more fear and congestion of energy, stagnating your internal waters and causing undue fog and confusion. Running away from making a choice has you sitting outside your own personal power and it is time to step up to the plate and make the best decision for yourself and where you are right now. The card may also indicate that you are a stalemate with a workmate, business situation, or relationship but abandoning the situation does not mean it will go away. Know that from your decision, there will be no good or bad outcome…simply movement. And this is what is needed to see the energy expand once more, allowing for new opportunities. Make peace with yourself, any others involved and the situation as a whole. Come back into your own power – balance will be restored through participation. Trust in the greater good. Alternatively, you may be able to clearly cut through any internal and external confusion with ease. This may not mean others will agree with your decision, however no harm will come.

Where am I moving towards? – Maiden of Wands (wild and free)


Change is in the air! You are feeling the fiery spark of enthusiasm with a drive to break free from anything that has you feeling heavy and trapped. You may begin to push the parameters of you life with a fresh perspective and a leading edge way of thinking. You are beginning to sense that a new adventure awaits, and you’re being asked to be both bold and grounded enough to step into this dynamic energy that you soul is ready to explore. You may feel the stirrings of a defining moment or decision nearing you, calling to embrace yourself and life with a level of lighthearted intrigue. You are being encouraged to connect with and express your own sense of self, tapping into your pure potential and truth as the light to guide you forward. This card may come at a time when you are seeking freedom. Perhaps even tasting the kind of unbridled freedom that ignites you with abundant energy and sees you partaking win a variety of roles and activities where you can not only add value, but also express your playfulness. It is time now for you to set aside all the rules you have adhered to and to truly turn up for yourself in a transformative way. The Maiden of Wands has a passion for life and unquenchable thirst for movement and action, always seeking new horizons and bring a catalyst for change. She is a straight-talking, genuine woman who thinks outside the square and doesn’t like to be put in a box. With a diverse range of skills sets and a wonderful intellectual capacity, she is able to lead or fly solo. She is a valued member of any project and a welcomed sight at any event or gathering.

What can I do to move towards manifesting my intention? – Knight of Cups & Beginnings

This is the last question, and it is optional to pull more than one care to elaborate more. I drew two. One from the tarot deck followed by an oracle card.


Knight of Cups – be bold in your love// It is a time of creative action and passion. You are bring called to start something ignites your heart soul. This may be a new activity or hobby, business, relationship, or enrolling in a course that sets you alight! There is no need to rush with this new venture, as it is important that the foundations are built out of love, your inner strength, and creativity to endure that you continue to stay invested and inspired. This card may come as the nudge forward encouraging to to turn that hobby or interest into a living or potentially have a friendship move into a relationship. Be open at this time to the guidance of your heart. The Knight of Cups may also be a person who demonstrates unwavering passion and charm, using these traits to his advantage in the pursuit of relationships and the acceptance of others. He is ruled more by his heart than his head. This can result in him being exposed to others taking advantage of. It may also mean that he us unable to truly commit to any one person or thing, as he is enticed by every shiny object or person that catches his heart and eye.

Beginnings// You are standing at the beginning of a prosperous adventure. Do not be put off by the potential enormity of the journey – simply enjoy each moment. Allow this divinely timed opportunity to take root into the center of your being, knowing it will grow into greatness like an old oak tree. This adventure can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, friendship, business venture or change of direction. The message here is that abundance, creativity, success, fulfillment, and growth is what’s on offer. Listen to the calling and step forward.

crystals: carnelian, green aventurine, pyrite, serpentine, and fuchsite with ruby.

*I do plan to write about my interpretation, but since this post is already long…I will make it into a separate blog. Also, I know the new moon was last night but I spent the better part of night in pain. And today was a very lazy Sunday. Nap galore. 


Tarot of the Day:

When I first thought about blogging my daily drawings, I was going to write about my own interpretations and how I perceive the cards. But since I usually post them to social media (the cards that I drew) I often get asked the meaning of the cards. But how I may view them may not pertain to someone else’s life. So instead, I’m going to be writing the actual book description. Every now and then, I might throw in my own interpretation as well.


Lumina Tarot & Connected and Free Oracle Deck both by @innerhue. Crystals pictured: amethyst, red jasper, and black tourmaline.

Eight of Cups and Heart Chakra.

Eight of Cups: abandonment of this phase of life. Rejection of material things and a turning towards spiritual things. A search for new paths.

You are feeling the internal stirrings of a metaphorical death or ending, calling you deeply within and revealing that it is time to walk away from parts of your life4 that you have created and step into the darkness of nothing. You may be feeling exhausted and worn out from pursuing a life that is only skin deep. This may be the acknowledgment that a venture, relationship or job did not work out as you imagined it would. Or, it may be that you have come to realize that your initial vision and desires, while having come to fruition, did not bring you the deep internal connection you were seeking. You are ready now to walk away from your former creations in search of truth and meaning. You may have come to the conclusion that the material life and the steps that society expects you to follow are not what your soul earns for, knowing that what you seek is stored within you. This may be a time of disappointment, loss and confusion, yet trust in the deep internal knowledge that by turning away from what is familiar yet unfulfilling, you are embarking on a journey to self-discovery.

Heart Chakra: where our lower and upper chakras come together as a way to continuously inform and guide us. It is our internal compass that’s forever providing “sign posts” through our core feelings and desires to encourage and support alignment. The heart is where we extend and receive love, compassion, empathy, and generosity to ourselves and others with grace and ease. We are not afraid to be vulnerable band speak our truth – from our heart. If it is unbalanced, we ay be clingy in relationships or friendships, experience jealousy or close ourselves up in an attempt to “protect”. When balanced, separateness dissolves, and abundance, gratitude joy and magick flow to and from you.

Affirmation: I AM LOVE.

Crystals: rose quartz, chrysophase, watermelon tourmaline.

Side note: anyone who follows me on any other social media will probably figure out who’s behind this blog….that is if they’re following me on here.


Where do I even start?

I love my tiny human. I really and truly do and I have no idea where I would be without him. As cliché as this sounds, he saved me. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was scared out of my mind. My husband and I had only been dating about ten months at the time, and I was not prepared to bring a baby in this world in any shape or form. And sometimes I still don’t. But somehow, I’m figuring this whole parenting thing out. 

It seems to me that the thing I have the most trouble with is patience. I’ve never been a patient person and I used to have quite the temper. Not so much anymore as I have calmed down a lot, but it comes out to play every once in a while. It’s a wonder how I never broke my hand as many walls I punched. But as far as patience goes…it’s a battle. At some point everyday, it’s tested…multiple times. It’s one reason meditation has become my best friend. I know that comes with being a parent, but I feel like I never have patience. Ever. And then I end up feeling like a shit mom for it.

It’s gotten better since I’ve started this journey which I’ll probably make another blog out of soon to explain more about it and what led me to wanting to change my life around. I’ve been trying to look at things from a better perspective instead of dwelling the negative and being angry and bitter all the time. And it really is life changing when you start to live your life that way. That’s not to say that I don’t deal with negativity at all anymore…I just go about it in a different way. And in turn, I think it’s helped become a better mother, wife, and a better version of myself. I’m still not where I want to be, but growth is key. I just want to be the best I can be for my son. He deserves it. And I feel like I’m undeserving of him sometimes (a lot of the time, actually) but it’s those moments when I’m wallowing in self-pity that makes me want to be better.

I still have many things to work on. But progress, not perfection. And I know that I will mess up numerous times. Trial and error. But I’ll do whatever I can to be what my son needs me to be.

And something I have learned the hard way and will continue to work on is that…

Patience is a virtue.

Newbie blogger….kinda.

Well, hello there.

This is my second attempt at having a blog. I kept the first one for a few months and it failed miserably. I’m actually okay with that considering it was negative for the most part….and well that just isn’t me anymore. I’ve changed quite a bit since my last attempt at blogging.

I’m honestly not sure where this will lead me, but hopefully it will be somewhere. I’ll probably vent a lot. I try to journal most of my thoughts, but my writing one has somehow turned into a tarot journal and I have yet to buy a new one.

I guess we shall see.


Happy blogging.

A Little About Me

This is the post excerpt.

I have yet to decide if I’m going to make this blog anonymous or not. But for the time being, I’m A. Reason being is that for some reason….I don’t want people that I know IRL to read this. And I have this irrational fear that they will figure out this is me although there’s really no way. It’s not like I have anything bad to say…but I just don’t want them in blogging bubble. Is that weird?


Anyway, I am a mother of one tiny human and a wife.

I enjoy reading which is something I spend a great amount of time doing when little one is asleep. I also recently started doing tarot readings earlier this year. I still consider myself fairly new to it…but it’s something that has opened my eyes each and every day. I still have learning to do, but growth is a key part of this journey that I am on. Usually before a tarot reading, I try to squeeze in a little meditation.

Chances are you will find crystals somewhere around or on me. In my bag, under my pillow, around my neck, in my pocket. I do use crystals daily and I never the leave the house without a tiger’s eye in my bag. There’s always so much to learn when it comes to crystal and I love it.

If I’m not at home, you will probably find me in the gym. I do enjoy working out. Lately, I’ve become more focused with it. And if I’m not in the gym…I’m probably at the nail salon…which is the one thing I really love doing (well actually not so much the doing part, but I do like to have my nails done) and don’t mind spending money on. That might seem a little high maintenance, but I’m not.

Other than that, I stay home. HOMEBODY.

This blog probably won’t be specific to one thing. It could be an entry about the hardships of motherhood, or something about my fitness journey. It could be about my daily tarot and oracle reading, or a crystal of the day. Or it could just be one big vent session. I do have a lot of insecurities that I am trying to working on.

I’ve been trying to look at everything from a more positive perspective and not dwell so much on the negativity. But I’m human and that’s not always the case. I have trouble with it and sometimes I do nothing but drown in the negativity. I went down a really, really dark path at one point in my life and I hope I don’t ever visit there again. This journey on bettering myself isn’t always easy, and I am no where that I want to be. But I’m a hell of a lot further than I used to me and I don’t plan on looking back. I’ll probably dive into that part of my life at one point or another with a blog.


Anyway, if you’re still reading this and choose to click the follow button….THANK YOU. YOU’RE AWESOME.

Love and light,